Get Into Construction – We’re through week 2!

Get Into Construction – We’re through week 2!

Get Into Construction – We’re through week 2!

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Another week on Get Into Construction is nearly at an end – it’s been a busy one! Since I last updated, the lads have passed their Emergency and Basic First Aid; spent a day making play equipment with Lydia from the Construction Youth Trust; budgeted, planned, and shopped for tools and equipment; completed a simulated building experience with the CITB; had some on site labouring experience with Jehu; and they’ve also been busy updating their CVs and honing their interview skills. And now it’s fair to say that without exception, every single one of the lads are absolutely raring to get going on the work experience part of the course – which starts tomorrow!

I’m going to let some of the pictures from the week tell the story – but before I do, just a few quotes from the horses mouths as it were…

‘It’s a worthwhile experience’ 

‘Its been great to meet people who have been in our position and have been successful’


‘I’m learning loads’

‘It’s great to meet new people and learn from them too’


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