Letter from Jehu 09.10.14

Letter from Jehu 09.10.14

Letter from Jehu 09.10.14

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9th October 2014





Dear Occupier/Resident/Car Owner/Business Owner

Re:  Beechley Drive Regeneration – New pedestrian footpaths and reconfiguration of the existing Zebra Crossing on Beechley Drive, Firs Avenue and Beech Road

With reference to the above project, we would like to inform you that Jehu Project Services will shortly be commencing work to upgrade the pedestrian footpaths on Beechley Drive, Firs Avenue and Beech Road. The works will also involve the reconfiguration of the existing zebra crossing located on Beechley Drive adjacent to Pentrebane Primary School.

The proposed upgrade works should be read in conjunction with the attached phasing plan.  The proposed works will be carried out in three phases.  Please see below planned dates and durations for each of the three phases:

  • Phase One – 15th Oct 2014 planned work duration 6 weeks
  • Phase Two – Jan 2015 planned work duration 4 weeks
  • Phase Three – March 2015 planned work duration 10 weeks

Specific dates for phase 2 & 3 are yet to be confirmed at this time. Further details for dates, traffic management and road closure details will be provided prior to commencement of the works to phases 2 & 3.

We will aim to keep any disruption to a minimum but there will inevitably be a small amount of disruption given the nature of the proposed work.

Should you require any further information, then please feel free to contact our resident Site Manager, Gary King on 07791 249145 who will be based within the site office within the site compound off Firs Avenue.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Yours faithfully




Project Manager

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