Phase one complete!

Phase one complete!

Phase one complete!

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Hello Pentrebane!

This is one of those days when I am truly glad that I don’t work on a building site – I am freezing cold, and I’m typing this indoors with two jumpers and a scarf, AND the cat keeping my lap warm – I can’t imagine trying to lay bricks or fix roof trusses in this weather! So spare a thought for your friendly Beechley Drive Builders who are working through the arctic temperatures to keep the project on track, weather bomb or no weather bomb!

As you’ll no doubt be aware, there has been great progress on site over the last few weeks and the project is moving on apace. Block One (not visible from the front of the site) is pretty much finished, it’s just awaiting windows and doors; Ken and the Londis team are well and truly settled in their lovely new unit, while the old Londis has now been demolished already; and the footings and slab are already in for the new Fish and Chip shop, which should be finished and open by the end of January – we’ll be celebrating with a fish’n’chip lunch all round!

The major part of the demolition will then take place quite quickly – though no big bang, much to my disappointment – instead the ¬†shops and maisonettes will come down piece by piece with a munching machine. Taking the building down in this way minimises noise, dust and danger, though arguably it’s not as exciting a visual spectacle as dynamite would be! We’ll be filming the whole thing on the new time lapse camera though, and posting the films here on the website so keep an eye out!

After Christmas we’ll be busy welcoming children from the primary schools on to the site for visits and q and a sessions with Site Manager Gary – we also hope to hold a couple of taster days for the different construction trades, where young people can meet our Jehu apprentices and find out about a career in construction, so it’ll be a busy start to the year all round – but until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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